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Energy Class Schedule
September 2021 

The Wild Goddess: Your Goddess Archetype
with Alexandra Radoaca
Online Class via ZOOM Meeting
Thursday, September 9th, 7:00 to 9:30 pm

Goddess archetype small.jpg

For nearly 40,000 thousand years Paleolithic and Neolithic civilizations peacefully flourished under the guidance of the Great Earth Mother: living with the Earth in egalitarian communities focused on partnership, abundance, and prosperity. Goddess spirituality reclaims women’s power and history through working with Goddess archetypes, rituals, women’s circles, and honoring the essential role played throughout history.

Goddess archetypes provide insight into our lineage and into different aspects of ourselves. They enable us to tune in to the long line of wise women before us and to make conscious choices around priorities and boundaries. Archetypes of the Goddess help us resolve and transform inner conflicts and claim our space. They invite us to listen, observe and respect our intuition, needs and desires. In this class you will learn how to work with your various archetypes, access your ancestral knowledge and your inner guide. 

Class Fee/Self Investment: $50

Reiki I Certification: The First Realm of Healing
In-Person Classes for two consecutive Sundays
September 12th - 19th, 5:00 to 7:00 pm

Reiki Self Healing.jpg

In this course you will learn all about Reiki, as well as other complementary energy healing techniques. The course will consist of two classes: the first for theory, the second for technique.

​Course is two consecutive Sundays: September 12th and September 19th.

​Being as Reiki Level I focuses on self-healing, consider this class a big step in your personal healing journey. By the end of it, you will understand how Reiki works, how to access your own energy levels at will, information about the aura and how energy flows throughout your body, and how to and be able to confidently and successfully complete a self-treatment.

​Energy Exchange/Certification Fee: $150
(includes both classes, PDF instruction manual and full certification)

Secret of the Runes: A 4-Week Certification Course
with Melissa Paone Somma, "The Chakra Witch"
In-Person and Online Class via ZOOM Meeting
Wednesdays, September 15th - October 6th, 7:00 to 9:00 pm


The word ‘Rune’ simply means secret, whisper, or mystery. It is a form of divination or oracle reading system used to help gain insight into situations or questions.

Runes can indeed seem like a secret or mystery when you have not had the opportunity to learn about or work with them. This class will help you to unlock their secrets as one of the oldest and user-friendly forms of divination. They are incredibly versatile; being not only a form of divination but also an ancient alphabet, as well a modality for spell work and magick.


In this 4-week course, we will dive into the world of the Runes by learning their meanings, how to use them in various methods of Rune casting, how to tap into their magick, how to create sigils and bindrunes, and get plenty of practice doing readings. By the end of the course, you should feel quite comfortable with this fascinating and user-friendly form of divination.

Course Fee/Self Investment: $200 (includes manual and certificate)

Path of the Witch: An Introduction to Year and a Day Training
with Melissa Paone Somma, "The Chakra Witch"
Online Class Recording now available to purchase

This Introduction to our year and a day course will immerse you in the study of the Craft and how to blend it with your lifestyle. It will encourage you to take command of your own power to manifest the life you want! Witchcraft is all about self-mastery, as well as connecting with the magick of the world around us.

This class is a basic introduction to our Year and a Day program, giving you the framework for the course. It gives you a sample of our Level I initiation program and the opportunity to register for the full year. Enrollment is only open once a year, so don't miss this chance to find the Path of the Witch!


In this introductory class, you will be given an overview of this powerful course, which will include the following:

*What exactly is a witch and what does it mean to be one?

*Types of witchcraft practices

*The Wheel of the Year--Sabbats

*Working with the moon--Esbats

*The Witch's Altar, meditation and Sacred Space

*Circle Casting

*Magickal Tools and how they work

*Book of Shadows

*The Elemental Forces

*All about Spell Casting

*Types of Magick

*Grounding, Centering, and Shielding

*Tapping into your Psychic abilities, methods of divination, mediumship, and more

*Guides, ancestors, and spirits

*Your higher self, soul records, and past lives

*Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames

*Connecting with and honoring nature

*Herbs, powders, oils, potions, and recipes

*Cleansing, Blessing, and Empowering

*Connecting with Source Energy

If you have always wanted to get in touch with your own power, to tap into your learning and expand your awareness, then the Path of the Witch is for you.


Energy Exchange/Introductory Class Fee: $50 (includes handouts via PDF )