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We are a magical, mystical haven that is a spiritual supply shoppe, energy healing and wellness center, New Age bookstore, psychic reading salon, school for metaphysical classes, art gallery, sacred space, vintage boutique, and all around Club for the seekers of Light!

July's Moonlight Psychic Fair was absolutely spectacular, and we will be hosting it once again this month on Saturday, August 28th!


LightClub is open to the public Thursdays-Sundays for in-person Shopping, Psychic Readings, Healing Services and Classes. Book here for both online and in-person appointments!


Our August classes and events are now posted!

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Visit us at LightClub for an evening of magick and moonlight for our Psychic Fair
with an incredible variety of amazing readers!

Moonlight Psychic Fair, Aug.jpg

Come and experience the nighttime mystical atmosphere in our back courtyard underneath the moon & stars. Sit by the fire, enjoy the cauldron, partake in refreshment  and receive a powerful reading full of guidance and positive energy.

It is a unique experience you won't want to miss!

Click Here for more infomation, or email us or call (845) 610-3968 to secure your spot. Reservations strongly recommended--this event sold out quickly last month!

Calling all aspiring witches!

Path of the Witch: Introduction to a Year and a Day

Our Year and a Day Initiation Program, which only opens up once a year, is about to open back up for this year's registration. We are offering an Introductory course this month so that you may see if the program is right for you!

Are you ready to walk the Path of the Witch?

Click Here for more information or to register for the Introductory Course.

Take our virtual tour of the Shoppe

and see what we have in store for you!

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1. A strong desire to know or learn something.
2. A strange or unusual object or fact. 

At LightClub, it is our mission to fulfill every aspect of your "curiosity"! 


LightClub Curiosity Shoppe is a one-stop Metaphysical, Healing and Spiritual haven for your senses. It is more than a wellness center, more than a psychic studio, more than a New Age or magical shop, more than a mystic's school and more than any other kind of place you may expect!

Then there's the LightClub Energy Emporium..a vintage boutique of clothing, shoes, books, funky finds and curiosities with an art gallery,  healing studio complete with Meditation Station, and event space. We offer many classes there as well.


Our goal is to offer whatever goods and services you need in order to achieve balance in your life. We have always referred to ourselves as a Club because it is our goal to make you feel a sense of belonging and positive energy as soon as you enter.


We offer classes of all kinds for the Metaphysical Seeker including Reiki Certification, Chakra Classes, Spell-Casting, Meditation, Law of Attraction, Psychic Self-Defense, Past Lives, Spirit Guides, Divination and more. Our class curriculum is constantly expanding.

There are also Healing Sessions available for Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Massage Therapy and Pyramid Power Sessions, as well as Divination, Psychic Medium Sessions and Energy Readings. 

The Shoppe is well stocked with Metaphysical products for your use, as well as one-of-a-kind Photography and Art. All are specifically created and chosen to give you the best energetic experience possible. At LightClub, we consider it our mission to enlighten and serve you with the highest of intentions. We also want to make sure it's a fun and interesting ride for you!

Come by to experience a whole new twist in Curiosity...and help us to spread the Light!