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September Schedule of Events

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Please check out our Facebook page for any Live Events and Video postings via the purple button below.

Sabbat Ritual

Saturday, September 23rd

7:00 - 9:00 pm

at the Seligman Center (large room)

25 White Oak Rd, Sugar Loaf, NY 


Mabon is a transition for the Triple Goddess as she goes from her mother phase to her crone phase, her final phase from her journey of the year.

The Autumn Equinox is a time of balance, of both light and dark, it is a time to look within ourselves and balance our thoughts and emotions and to find balance in our lives. To embrace our dark and our light equally as one cannot exist without the other. it is when we stop and relax and enjoy the fruits of our personal harvests, whether they be from toiling in our gardens, working at our jobs, raising our families, or just coping with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Join us as we celebrate the Fall Equinox! 

Psychic Faire

Sept_Psychic Faire.jpg

Friday, September 29th

6:00 - 9:00 pm

LightClub Sugar Loaf's Back Courtyard

It's that time again for our magical, mystical, outdoor Moonlight Psychic Fair! LightClub will also remain open for evening shopping during the Psychic Fair.

Be sure to visit us at LightClub for a night of magick and moonlight for this event with an incredible variety of readers!

​Come and enjoy a nighttime mystical atmosphere in LightClub's amazing back courtyard where you can experience a psychic reading outdoors under the moon and stars. This evening will be full of good fortune and fun--a unique event you won't want to miss!

Readings available:
Tarot Readings
Oracle Card Readings
Psychic Mediumship
Past Life Readings
Animal Communication
Aura Analysis
Chakra Reading & Balancing
and much more!

Reservations highly recommended--these events fill up very quickly!

Please call us during Shoppe hours 845-610-3968 to reserve your spot!

​Readings are booked in 15 minute sessions (but you always have the option to book consecutive sessions for a longer reading if you wish):
15 minutes/$40

October Schedule of Events

October 2023 Calendar.png

warwick applefest

Sunday, October 1st
9AM - 5PM

Come visit us during this incredible festival and celebrate the one year anniversary of LightClub in Warwick!

Named one of the "Top 100 Events" in the country, over 30,000 visitors visit Applefest, traveling from neighboring states to experience the extraordinary variety of Warwick's apples, culture, and entertainment. 


Sugar Loaf
Fall Festival

Saturday & Sunday
October 7th & 8th 
10AM - 5PM


The hamlet of Sugar Loaf, NY invites all to the annual Sugar Loaf Fall Festival!


Join us rain or shine to fall in love with everything Sugar Loaf has to offer: Artisan and retail vendors, Live Music, Wine Bar and Beer Garden, Food Vendors, and local restaurant eats!

And don't miss LightClub's Witches Parade on Saturday at 3:00 pm!

Dark Club:
A Gallery of Horror

Friday, October 13th

Doors open at 7pm

The Seligman Center

23 White Oak Drive, Sugar Loaf, NY


  Path of the Witch:
An Introduction
to our Year & A Day


Saturday, October 14th (in person)

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


LightClub Curiosity Shoppe

26 Main Street, Warwick, NY


Wednesday, October 18th (online)

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Online via Zoom Meeting

Once a year, we open enrollment to our most detailed, intense and powerful course, Path of the Witch. It is a year and a day course of Witchcraft and positive magick that culminates in an initiation ritual at the end of the year. Because the course is such a commitment, we offer this introductory class that gives you

the perfect overview of our program.

If you are considering bringing magick into your life on a whole new level, we hope you will consider walking the Path of the Witch with us.

Remember, enrollment for this program only opens once a year, so don't miss out on this opportunity. Class is offered with both in-person and online options. It will also be recorded so it can be viewed at any time if you miss the Live class.


In this introductory class you will be given an overview of this powerful course, which includes the following:

*What exactly is a witch and what does it mean to be one?
*Types of witchcraft practices
*The Wheel of the Year--Sabbats
*Working with the moon--Esbats
*The Witch's Altar, meditation and Sacred Space
*Circle Casting
*Magickal Tools and how they work
*Book of Shadows
*The Elemental Forces
*All about Spell Casting
*Types of Magick
*Grounding, Centering and Shielding
*Tapping into your Psychic abilities, methods of divination and more
*Guides, ancestors and spirits
*Your higher self, soul records and past lives
*Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates and Twin Flames
*Connecting with and honoring nature
*Planetary influences and how they work
*Herbs, powders, oils, potions and recipes
*Cleansing, Blessing and Empowering
*Connecting with Source Energy
and much more!

If you have always wanted to get in touch with your own power, to tap into your learning and expand your awareness, then the Path of the Witch is for you.

Are you ready to be transformed? Are you ready to embrace your power and magick? Are you ready to step onto the Path of the Witch?


RSVP for this FREE Introductory class to learn all about the magick of our greatest class program!

Tea & Tales

Learn all about Sugar Loaf's Haunted History!

Sunday, October 15th

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm


Sunday, October 22nd

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm


Wednesday, October 25th

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

LightClub Curiosity Shoppe

1379 Kings Highway

Sugar Loaf, NY