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Anti-Anxiety Spray

Anti-Anxiety Spray

This delightful spray is designed to lighten your mood, freshen your spirit, and decrease feelings of anxiety. Excellent for overthinkers who feel overwhelmed in general, this spray is a lovely, comforting scent infused with rose quartz crystals, which help to heal the heart and soul.

This spray consists of a 4 ounce bottle containing over 18 different ingredients, lightly scented but packing a powerful punch. It only takes one or two spritzes, allowing a light mist to fall around your face and shoulders and over your heart.

Each bottle has been purified with an intense energy treatment, making it also very useful in regulating one's mood. Helpful in relieving depression as well as anxiety, we use this spray often in our Shoppe to create a comforting & content atmosphere for all of our visitors.

Free shipping in the United States

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