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Beauty Spell Candle for Glamour & Positive Self Image

Beauty Spell Candle for Glamour & Positive Self Image

We're very proud to present our latest magickal LightClub candle to you, Beauty!  We have listened to your requests and desires and carefully and spiritually fulfilled a truly magickal jar of LIGHT! This candle's intention is focused on Glamour and Positive Self image.  Using Universal blessings, knowledge and old methods the potion within the wax is designed to bring forth the energy of all the Beauty within and around you. This is truly the magickal spell of Beauty, inside and out. The scent? Truly Beautiful! 


Within is a very potent potion, as well as an energy treatment spell, all added to the wax as it is molded. All you need to do is follow the directions on the back of the candle before the first lighting to release the powerful spell within!


All our energy spell candles are 100% soy wax with a dusting of magical herbs on the top. Candles are 9 ounces, with approximately 60 hours of powerful burning time. Problem Solving candles have a light, savory-sweet scent.


We hope you will enjoy an abundance of Light with our candles!


Other candles in the photos are also available, order here and send us a message if you want something different and it will be shipped to you. 



Healing & Strength

Happy Home


Spiritual Cleansing

Psychic Power

Positive Energy



LightClub Curiosity thanks you for all your continued support! 

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