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Manifest a Miracle Spell Kit

Manifest a Miracle Spell Kit

Presenting LightClub's deluxe ready-made Spell Kits! Containing everything you need to set off the spell of your choice.

This listing is for our Manifest a Miracle Spell Kit--when you need a magical boost of divine intervention to accomplish your goals.

Can be cast at any time, this powerful spell kit gives you a customizable way to ask for whatever miracle you may need. 

Each kit contains a spell candle, star holder, magic potion vial, mojo bag, incense, pentacle talisman and spell scroll, complete with directions. All items have been charged during a ritual ceremony at our Shoppe and are just waiting to be released by you. All you need to do is add your own specific intentions to the spell and follow the directions.

Free Shipping in the United States

Happy casting!

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