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Immune Boost Spray

Immune Boost Spray

This amazing spray is designed to strengthen one's immune system and protect the wearer or area where it is sprayed from unhealthy influences overall. It will help to raise your energetic vibration and also encourage a feeling of health and wellness. Use this spray whenever you feel drained, run down or need some extra protection from illness!

This spray consists of a 4 ounce bottle containing over 18 different ingredients, lightly scented but packing a powerful punch. It only takes one or two spritzes, allowing a light mist to fall around your face and shoulders. This spray in particular has a wonderfully unique scent!

Each bottle has been purified with an intense energy treatment, making it also very useful in healing and replenishing energy levels to those who feel drained or inundated by negative forces. Use it to create wellness in your home and/or workplace--it's an incredible mist for both yourself and all of your personal space!

Free shipping in the United States

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