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Money & Abundance Spell Candle

Money & Abundance Spell Candle

This is the candle that started the LightClub Curiosity Shoppe, so we can attest to its effectiveness! This candle is designed to bring abundance to you, be it an abundance of wealth, success, luck...whatever you decide you would like more of in your life.

Our most potent potion, as well as an energy treatment spell, is added to the wax as it is molded. All you need to do is follow the enclosed directions upon the candle's first lighting to release the powerful spell within!

All our energy spell candles are 100% soy wax with a wooden wick, which creates a soft, pleasant "crackle" while burning. Candles are 16 ounces, with approximately 100 hours of burning time. Abundance candles have a rich "Witches' Brew" scent.

We hope you will enjoy an abundance of Light with our candles!

Free shipping in the United States

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