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Mercury Retrograde Spray

Mercury Retrograde Spray

This incredible formula is designed to help you move through the challenges of Mercury Retrograde with more ease. With a formula calibrated to clear your mind, lighten your spirit and give you a feeling of security and protection, you can breathe a little more easily during this time of planetary confusion and turbulence. The spray is a light, refreshing scent infused with healing and protective essential oils, herbs, and crystals which empower the formula with plenty of Retrograde aid!

This spray consists of a 4 ounce bottle containing over 15 different ingredients, lightly scented but packing a powerful punch. It only takes two to three spritzes, allowing a light mist to fall around your face and shoulders and over your heart.

Each bottle has been purified with an intense energy treatment, making it also very useful in grounding and centering. Although it is perfect for use during Mercury Retrograde, its potent energy is excellent in helping you get through any time which tries your patience!

Free shipping in the United States.

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