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Spirited Sage Spray

Spirited Sage Spray

Presenting LightClub's "Smudge in a Bottle"!

Our Spirited Sage Spray is the perfect answer to those who would like to energetically cleanse their space--be it home, work, their car, etc.--but aren't able to burn sage there. Now it's as easy as a couple of spritzes around your space or even on yourself!

This spray consists of a 4 ounce bottle containing quartz crystals, elixirs and other powerful ingredients in addition to the sage oil to give it an extra strong energetic punch. It only takes one or two spritzes to be as effective as burning a smudge stick.

Each bottle has been purified with an intense energy treatment, making it very useful for not only cleansing your personal space, but for creating sacred, meditation or ritual spaces and to clear/reset the energy of your surroundings and yourself. We use it frequently in our Shoppe because it is so very convenient and efficient at keeping the energy clear.

It truly is a spirited spray!

Free shipping in the United States

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