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Full Moon Spell Kit

Full Moon Spell Kit

Presenting LightClub's deluxe ready-made Spell Kits! Containing everything you need to set off the spell of your choice.

This listing is for the Full Moon Spell Kit--for harnessing the power of the full moon and using it to cast the spell of your choice.

The Full Moon is a time when the moon is at its most powerful, and the magic most potent. Performing any positive spell at this time will achieve good results. Since the Full Moon only truly occurs for one night out of the entire lunar cycle, you can also harness the energy of the Full Moon for about 2 days before or after the night the moon is truly full.

Best Spells to Cast: Artistic projects, love, fertility, money, psychic abilities or making decisions. Also healing, guidance and completion spells.

Each kit contains a spell candle, star holder, magic potion vial, mojo bag, white sage smudge stick, moonstone crystal and spell scroll, complete with directions. All items have been charged during a ritual ceremony at our Shoppe and are just waiting to be released by you. All you need to do is add your own specific intentions to the spell and follow the directions.

Free Shipping in the United States

Happy casting!

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