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Positive Power Spray

Positive Power Spray

Presenting a product to give you a confidence boost and a mood lift all in one spritz! This is truly a magical spray that invokes the power of the solar plexus chakra to enhance your self esteem and instill happiness & positivity. 

This spray consists of a 4 ounce bottle containing over 18 different ingredients, lightly scented but packing a powerful punch. It only takes one or two spritzes, allowing a light mist to fall around your face and shoulders.

Each bottle has been purified with an intense energy treatment, making it very useful for Reiki and other energy healing modalities. This particular spray is loved by everyone, but most especially our employees who enjoy spraying themselves at the start of the day to lift their mood and increase productivity. Everyone who uses it seems to start grinning from ear to ear once they apply it, and it helps them to exude confidence and a positive outlook. 

It is a positively powerful spray!

Free shipping in the United States

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